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A stylish, flexible approach to premium aircraft seating that provides exceptional space and facilities.



A stylish, flexible approach to premium aircraft seating that provides exceptional space and facilities.



Style working for you


The Aura family of products has been designed and engineered to perform for the airline and passenger through its modular design*.

Unique S-shaped outer arms yield significant space (11% more along its entire length from seat to bed) allowing for a larger centre console that houses a fully adjustable single-slab table. Extra features include rising inboard armrests that also function as individual privacy screens, water bottle, headphone stowage and seat controls. Optional items include an electrically adjustable headrest, electrically operated lumbar support and seat memory function.

The Aura Classic product was one of the most successful premium class products in the Boeing 787 Dreamliner catalogue. Aura Lite is the latest incarnation of the seat, retaining all of the functionality of the original design, whilst incorporating a lighter seat frame and mechanism.




Thanks to its modular approach, Aura Lite offers almost unparalleled flexibility. It can also be employed across a range of different aircraft and cabin sizes (in some single-aisle layouts as well as twin-aisle arrangements). Aura’s good looks can be changed too, adopting a look and feel to suit the airline’s precise requirements and help establish an individual brand identity.

* The Aura product is available in two configurations – angled lie-flat and fully lie-flat.




1 multi-position seat to lie-flat bed (ottoman option), fully adjustable at the touch of a button
2 four-way electrically operated translating leg rest and footrest (angled version)
3 optional pneumatic lumbar support with four-way control
4 ottoman in extended pitch option capable of stowing carry-on luggage
5 personal cocktail tray with optional cup indentation
6 unique, space yielding S-shaped armrest
7 extra-wide centre console
8 one-piece table stowed in console with forward and aft adjustment and swivel
9 individual LED reading light with adjustable light level
10 optional underarm wash lighting
11 individual control panel
12 manual four way adjustable headrest (electrical tilt movement is optional)
13 up to 15.4” IFE screen (optional in-console monitors for front row)
14 rising armrests that form individual privacy screens
15 water bottle and general stowage
16 shoe stowage
17 literature pocket
18 PC power, headphone port, and USB data port


















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