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An ingenious seating system configured to maximise capacity and individual space.



An ingenious seating system configured to maximise capacity and individual space.


A design concept from Thompson Aero Seating, developed and engineered by Contour, Vantage provides a space efficient solution for lie-flat Business Class seating. Vantage is just one of the designs for premium travel from Contour considering both airline and passenger alike, it not only responds to but anticipates the demands of modern premium aircraft travel.


Fully-flat Business Class


Designed to provide a fully-flat bed of up to 79” with no loss of capacity when compared with a 60” angled lie-flat product, the Vantage Business Class seat delivers a premium travel experience.

The lie-flat sleeping surface – so valued by airline customers – has not been delivered by sacrificing room elsewhere. Shoulder room measures an impressive 23” and, depending on the configuration, direct aisle access is available to 90% or more of passengers. All the comfort and features normally associated with the best in class are included – a fully adjustable seat, individual reading light, adjustable head rest, mood lights and a range of inflight entertainment options.

Vantage has been developed for several airline customers, with distinctly different styling to ensure Vantage adheres to the client’s brand identity.




In addition to the class leading 79” fully flat bed, Vantage boasts an impressively comprehensive set of features that, like the seat itself, can be tailored to meet the precise requirements of the airline. Even with its original layout, Vantage has been designed to fit into existing seat tracks without modification and is 16G certified.




1 multi-position seat to lie-flat bed, fully adjustable at the touch of a button
2 direct aisle access available to 90% of passengers (100% in some configurations)
3 optional pneumatic lumbar support with four-way control
4 generous work and drinks surface
5 dropping adjustable armrest that can be lowered to provide additional privacy when in bed mode (optional)
6 bi-fold table, which stows neatly in console when not in use
7 adjustable task lighting
8 individual control panel
9 manual four-way adjustable head rest
10 12.1” monitor
11 personal cocktail table
12 PC power, headphone port, and USB data port
13 mesh literature pocket on front of console and rear seat shroud
14 shoe stowage at the rear of the seat
15 optional ambient lighting



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