Contour engineering encapsulates a wealth of knowledge with individuals drawn from some of the industry’s major suppliers as well as ‘home grown talent’. Combined with the most advanced technology, we can ensure that we can deliver design solutions that meet customer requirements, airframe specification and airworthiness regulations.

Programme Management

For each programme Contour allocates a Programme Manager in order to control and manage the programme deliverables in line with the agreed schedule.

Schedule Management: identifying major milestones, critical path analysis, undertaking frequent reviews internally and with suppliers

Meeting Coordination: liaising ITCM, PDR, CDR and FAI review meetings, managing action items and supplying required documentation and records throughout

Customer Focal: Ensuring the customer is constantly aware of programme status, change control and technical coordination

Data: Ensuring the supply of customer data, vendor data and certification data

Deliverables: Overseeing the management and supply of the project, its products, associated
reports and manuals


Contour has a team of technical experts on both sites, with considerable experience in the airworthiness requirements for all our aircraft products. Supported by the specialists in the various fields of electrical and mechanical engineering and dedicated test facilities, the team is fully equipped to ensure Contour’s innovative aircraft products achieve certification.


Integrating state-of-the-art in-house production techniques with the capabilities of our global network of suppliers allows us to deliver bespoke solutions, limited only by the imagination and vision of the airline and the design team. Safeguarding commercially sensitive information is made possible providing a completely confidential product development and production environment to ensure competitive advantage is maintained.

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