Our core strengths are Innovation, Design and Technology. We are passionate about developing the next generation of aircraft seating and continuous product development is at the heart of our philosophy. The growing demands of the discerning and increasingly experienced air passenger continues to influence how we think about our customers' products and how we help them to maintain their competitive edge. We continually drive innovation to introduce new concepts to the industry.

Delivering innovative products to market requires a team effort. With the experience we have gained over many years of delivering first to market products, Contour can uniquely provide effective engineering that maintains design integrity, meets cost and time constraints and delivers a certifiable product to our customers.

Since designing and installing seats for Winston Churchill we have been at the forefront of developing innovative solutions for customers and we continue to apply the most creative and forward thinking to all of our product development.

Contour will work flexibly with customers, dependent on their specific requirements. Airline product development teams may have their own ideas, alternatively Contour can develop the design for the customer, either in-house or working in partnership with various consultancies if necessary.

We have extensive experience of partnering with industrial design firms, and have worked with leading design agencies.


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