What is the role of the Manufacturing Engineer?

  • To plan and design new systems and processes for the introduction of new products or for the improvement of existing ones
  • To produce high quality goods efficiently and cost effectively

What kind of applicant are we looking for?

  • Individuals should be highly motivated and ready to make a significant difference to improving the processes and environment in which they work.
  • An analytical and creative thinker
  • A team player willing to work with others to ensure all product and system requirements are taken into account from the initial product conception to finished result.

What does Manufacturing Engineering offer to graduates?

  • The Manufacturing Unit in Cwmbran offers the genuine opportunity to enhance skills and gain valuable experience in a challenging manufacturing environment.
  • The graduate would have opportunities to work with fellow professionals gaining a valuable understanding of processes and capabilities that could enhance future product development.

What are the objectives of the Manufacturing Engineering placement?

  • Raise and monitor progress of concessions with design engineering.
  • Identify opportunities for future process improvements and champion a minimum of 1 improvement event.
  • Understand the capabilities of Contour manufacturing business unit for future reference.
  • Run an 8D quality workshop establishing permanent corrective actions to prevent future occurrence.
  • Participate in New Product Introduction reviews.
  • Participate in component design / manufacturing feasibility reviews.


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