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First Class

The ultimate way to travel

The very words conjure up memories of the golden age of travel, of the magnificent ships and pioneering aircraft who’s epic journeys were the forefathers of travel today.


In the years since, First Class remains undiminished as the ultimate way to travel, enjoyed by those for whom the journey is as important as the destination. Quality is assured, service exceptional, attention to detail exquisite.


As an airline, your First Class is the ultimate expression of your brand. It also, often, comes to represent a nation and its culture, inspiring loyalty and regarded with pride and affection as a national icon.


Contour’s history is steeped with ‘world firsts’ in assisting airlines to create these products, while meeting customer expectations within a viable commercial context. Time after time, patented innovation combined with engineering prowess has delivered radical new products in unprecedented time frames - setting new levels of quality, refinement and luxury.



CONTOUR Aerospace Limited; First Class, all the way




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