Venus First Class

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A First Class suite designed to offer
the maximum in luxury, comfort and privacy.



A First Class suite designed to offer the maximum in luxury, comfort and privacy.


Venus is the product of a philosophy that not only responds to but anticipates the demands of modern premium aircraft travel. Considering both the airline and passenger alike, Contour aims to build on its long history of success – where it has been at the forefront of all that is new – to deliver even more for its customers. Venus is a product that makes its superiority seem almost effortless – where performance is delivered with elegance and confidence; a product designed without compromise.


Defining First Class


There are many things that help make the Venus First Class Suite stand out, yet the overriding appeal of Venus is the elegant simplicity with which it delivers all that is needed to provide an outstanding First Class environment for travel. A truly integrated solution, Venus offers tremendous space – the bed features an impressive width of 37” – and an extensive range of facilities that have been designed to offer the premium traveller the maximum in luxury, comfort and privacy. Intuitive controls, extraordinary adjustability, generous proportions – exemplified by the large sliding table that glides forward and back – make everything easy to enjoy, offering the kind of flexibility to satisfy all moods and taste.

Rising and lowering arms, privacy screens and sensitive lighting combine to define personal space and create the desired atmosphere; generous and practicable stowage combine with useable spaces to give the passenger room to breathe.




1 multi-position seat to lie-flat bed, fully adjustable at the touch of a button with 3 presets and independent movement of leg rest
2 four-way adjustable electric pillow
3 four-way lumbar control
4 adjustable armrest that can be lifted to provide additional privacy when in bed mode
5 optional sliding doors to completely enclose suite for the ultimate in privacy
6 large, single-slab table which tracks forward and back (optionally stowed in console)
7 unique light feature with both ambient and task lighting
8 illuminated control panel
9 sculptured centre console providing additional bed space
10 privacy screen for centre seats that can be raised/lowered
11 fixed ottoman as standard includes stowage below sufficient for a travel pro – additional options include sliding feature and/or use as a guest seat
12 large monitor
13 optional, slim-line wardrobe for garments and shoes


PC power, headphone port, USB data port and optional iPOD dock
15 optional multiple stowage areas (for literature, headphone and amenities) in console and armrest
16 floor proximity light












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