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Revolutionising Premium Economy travel for the future



Revolutionising Premium Economy travel for the future



Dual design Premium Economy


The Zenith seat revolutionises the Premium Economy cabin by providing more of a Business Class experience. Originally designed by Air New Zealand as the ‘SpaceseatTM’ for their B777- 300ER aircraft, the seat is now going into service on a number of long haul routes.

Passengers in this cabin now have more freedom and comfort than ever with this ground- breaking design. The herringbone positioning provides an angled double seat in the centre, ideal for two people travelling together. There is also a more private option for single travellers on the outboard of the cabin.

Meal times have been considered too - people travelling together can have dinner at the same table – should they want to, and when its time to relax there’s extra lounging space. The outboard design, angled towards the window, gives the independent passenger a private space and the best possible view.


Height of performance


The highlight of the innovative concepts in the Zenith seat is the multifunctional padded console which includes an armrest or dining table in the up position, extended seat surface in the down position, and trinket stowage underneath the padding. Both seat designs have fixed living space so reclining the seat in front will not intrude into your space behind. The Zenith seat launches a new world of Premium Economy travel.

Underneath its innovative features, the Zenith seat employs a high strength unitary construction, incorporating a simple yet robust seat mechanism. The seat has been adapted to fit a range of wide bodied aircraft within the Premium Economy cabins. The Zenith seat can be modified aesthetically to take on an airline’s own ‘look and feel’.





1 comfortable manually operated 20” wide seat , comparable to a 9” recline
2 multi-functional padded centre console armrest (centre seat only)
- armrest in up position, additional seat surface in down position (no seat belt), trinket stowage underneath armrest, and a table surface for passengers dining together
3 swivel reading light mounted on inner surface of seat shroud
4 IFE handset mounted on inner surface of seat shroud
5 seat shroud provides privacy on the aisle side
6 padded fixed armrest on centre line seats, flip up armrest on outboard design
7 manual seat controls located on the side of the seat
8 articulating 10.6” monitor
9 seat back mounted bi-fold table with swivel and slide function
10 PC power, USB data port and iPOD port
11 mesh storage pocket, for literature and water bottle stowage




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